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Does the GoPro Hero 7 needs a stabilizer?

-Yes, the latest GoPro are equipped with a Internal Stabilization software (IS) that stabilize small vibrations, the Quark or Gimbals are stabilizing bigger movement; for example a  rolling movement and tilting movement.

How the Quark is stabilizing my GoPro?

-The Quark is equipped with electronics and a motor that counteract the movement of the GoPro to keep it always leveled.

How many axis does the Quark stabilize?

-The Quark stabilize only the roll axis, which is the main axis you need in term of stabilization as it's the one that give that nausea sensation while watching a video.

Moreover it's the one that crops the most the image in post software stabilization.

What are the advantages/disadvantages to get a Quark from a 3 axis gimbal?

-We have developed the Quark to solve problems we had using 3 axis gimbal :

Mounting :

The Quark weight and measure a fraction of a 3 axis gimbal, which allow you to mount it everywhere and it doesn't bother you on a helmet.

Carrying :

You can leave it attached to your camera all the time and store it like that, it removes the pain of carrying a big stabilizer and spending time installing and removing your GoPro from it so you can spend more time shooting and having fun.

Durability :

Its low profile and few moving parts make it way stronger that a 3 axis gimbal, plus we are using a high strength plastic used normally in guns manufacturing.

How long last the Quark Battery?

-The Quark is equipped with a Lion-Polymer battery that last between 2-4h depending on your usage and external conditions.

How waterproof is the Quark?

-The Quark is rated IP66 which means it can sustain water jets but cannot be submerged. More infos here

How long does it takes for my order to ship?

-Order are proceed by date and shipped within 3 working days after the date of your purchase.

How long is the shipping to my country?

-Orders are shipped from our fulfillment center in Hong Kong so shipping takes around 7-15 days for US and 10-20 days for the rest of the world.


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